Guantanamo wastes “creativity” as a precursor to official clothing in the morning

“Creativity” is a waste of “effort”. morning Monday at the headquarters of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Guantanamo An officer dressed as a pioneer with a red scarf.

It contains Drama At the government headquarters, a post shared photos of an old man in a pioneer outfit with a red skirt, white blouse, scarf, long socks and a pair of scooters crowning the woman in her ridiculous outfit. Facebook By the Chairman of the Provincial Government, Italiana Diaz Casamayor.

Captured by Facebook / Idaliena Diaz Casamayor

“The morning newspaper at the headquarters of the Guantanamo People’s Power Municipal Assembly surprises us today with its creativity and quality. Long live May 1,” the sign highlighted in his post.

The absurdity of the situation is also emphasized by the coincidence that the girl in school uniform appears in front of a rope hanging on the wall under a sign bearing her name.

Although the relationship between the pioneers could not be established, the morning paper dedicated to Labor Day and the rope, there is no doubt that it was a “creative”.

Photos of this political act, usually carried out in work and study centers in Cuba, were often met with mockery and pessimism.

“That predecessor’s solution was not accepted [la asignatura] Behind it is the world we’ve been living in since 1976,” someone jokingly suggested, referring to the rope in the film’s background.

“When the ridiculous was invented, the communists already had the patent, what should they do, boy,” commented another user.

Netizens didn’t let up, and a string of humorous and sarcastic comments about the ridiculous act slipped the post of the People’s Power official, who promptly deleted the post.

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As has happened before in official institutions, organizations and media and other publications, the post went viral among Cubans. Government statisticsIt exposes absurd situations or is far away Ultimately, it ends up as fodder for memes on social networks.

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