Guanajuato considers the space as a sanitary dump after the Grupo Milenio fire

To avoid causing a health problem, authorities in the capital, Guanajuato, have enabled a smallholding on the outskirts of the sanitary landfill, where They are working to put out the fire.which is already being consumed by 80 percent.

“In areas where we have conditions, which we are evaluating with SMAOT, jointly and where there are better conditions (for a sanitary landfill), we will use it as a new cell to collect the garbage generated (…)” Jose Félix Torres, director of civil protection in the capital, Guanajuato, said in an interview. He will use the site to collect the daily rubbish.

In addition, while the fire was completely extinguished, they asked citizens not to take their waste into containers Avoid causing health problems as a result of the accumulation of waste in the streets.

This measure was adopted by the residents of the capital, who reduced waste production as much as possible and sought mechanisms to preserve inorganic waste in their homes, until the service in the sanitary landfill is fully rehabilitated.

on tour MillenniumIn the streets and alleys of the capital of Guanajuato, it was possible to ensure that they were clean, as well as the garbage containers, which were at a minimum capacity.

It should be noted that with respect to 80 families of waste pickers who were affected by the fire at the sanitary landfill and who had to wait until they could continue working on garbage recycling, the D.C. government provided them with food support through DIF.

Added to this is the support of the Guanajuato Food Bank and the hundreds of Guanajuatenes who have helped in the collection promoted by the municipal government along with the fire departments. They all joined in the work of putting out the fire at the final solid waste disposal site in the state capital.

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