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They are the most successful music professionals since the great Carol G With 9 medals. Played a leading role in the event celebrating the best artists of the urban genre, not just when receiving the award, but throughout the entire gala. A regional Mexican band, with its leader The award ceremony had a star cast throughout.

Initially, Cass, the lead singer of the group, was responsible for leading the ceremony – together with Danna Paola, Clarissa Molina and Prince Royce, but later together with other members of the band they held the stage.

And not only to receive four awards presented: “Ya Superme” (Live) “Best Regional Mexican Song”; “Best Mexican Regional Collaboration”, “En du Berra Vida”, in collaboration with Lenin Ramírez; “Best Mexican Regional Fusion” (a Mexican regional genre mixed with another musical genre), for “Cada Que”, with Maluma; and “Favorite Group or Duo of the Year”.

The full band and prizes won after the ceremony (Photo: Grupo Firm / Instagram)

The FIRME team paid tribute to the late Jenny Rivera

In one of the most anticipated scenes by the audience and the organization of the nineteenth edition of the Premios Juventud, Mexican singer Jenni Rivera was in charge of paying tribute 10 years after her departure.

Together with another group that has the greatest influence in regional Mexico today, Sergio Lizaraga’s Banda MS, the cast led by Edwin Gass represented the best songs of “La Diva de la Banda”, among which the following stand out: “Not forgetting.”, “Unforgettable”, “Enough already”. ” and “I already know”.

In the most emotional moment of this year’s festival in San Juan, Puerto, the crowd at the Coliseum, where the event was held, and those in their homes, erupted into applause after a performance by two groups from Mexico. Rico.

The moment Banda MS and Grupo Firm came together to pay tribute to Jenni Rivera (Photo: Premios Juventud / Instagram)
The moment Banda MS and Grupo Firm came together to pay tribute to Jenni Rivera (Photo: Premios Juventud / Instagram)

GRUPO FIRME used clear backgrounds in youth awards

In another part of the award ceremony, . Thus, dressed in the style of the movie “Matrix” but with hats and boots, they performed “El Toxic”, “En du Perra Vida” and “Ya Superme”.

However, Edwin Goss, AB Luna, Johnny Goss, Joaquin Ruiz, Dylan Camacho, Cristian Telles and Fito Rubio gave their best on stage, one detail was overlooked: Fito’s drumsticks, which he did not bring with him in a song. He pretended to play drums even though he had nothing in his hand.

The indiscretion was recorded and netizens quickly took it viral. For now, Tijuana celebrities have not commented on this fact, it must be a simple shame story.

Fito Rubio pretends to play drums but doesn't have a drumstick in hand (Photo: Univision / Screenshot)
Fito Rubio pretends to play drums but doesn’t have a drumstick in hand (Photo: Univision / Screenshot)

More information about the company group

Time’s Christian Nodal said that rejecting Grupo was the best thing that could have happened to the band.

The Mexican regional music singer has recently been outdoing his actions on social networks rather than on stage. Christian Nodal has caused a stir with a new statement after the controversy he played with the mother of his ex-girlfriend Belinda, who accused him of taking advantage of her daughter’s success and fame. Time to do the “me culpa”.

Belinda’s ex-boyfriend comments on her reason for not wanting to work with the group led by Edwin Goss. “When they asked me, I don’t know, I listened to their music, I didn’t like it at the time, and now I like them because they bring another message.”Christian Nodal remembers. After a few seconds, Tijuana explained to the group why it was better. Find out what he advocated .

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