Grief-stricken Ernesto Lacardia says goodbye to his mother last

Ernesto Lacardia Sadly, he bids his last farewell to his mother with an emotional message, recalling the best woman he ever had in life and how much he loved her. The Mexican actor thanked the show for its support during these difficult times.

Recalled by such soap operas Quinceaera, Alborada, Crown of tears Ernesto Lacardia is one of the most beloved Mexican actors who has recently been successful in melodramas with With You.

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Who dedicated his business to his family, Lacardia He is also praised for the way he has created a flawless life without engaging in any kind of gossip or slander, but today he opens his heart to a special and painful cause.

When my heart was in my hand yesterday afternoon, Ernesto Lacardia He shared details of his mother’s departure, asked for respect from his family for processing the loss, thanked for the support and he remembered the great woman:

“Donna Yolanda Longca Costellanos, my dear mother.

You left in my heart a void that no one could fill by your division. You took off from this earthly plane to meet in heaven with your beloved husband Dr. Enrique Lacardia and Uncle Grande.

You left surrounded by the love of your four children, Enrique, Victor, Sergio and Ernesto.

Thanks for so many unforgettable moments; Your laughter, your hugs, your kisses and all that you always refer to me will be in my memory and in my heart forever. I will love you today and forever!

With great affection my children Barbara, Santiago and Emiliano say goodbye to you; And your other grandchildren Morgana, Pamela, Damian, Alejandro, Monica, Lorena; Your daughters-in-law, Patricia, Alicia and Grandma; Except Liliana, Mako and Jose; Your brothers, Pitto and Theresa; Your sister-in-law Ingrid; Your adopted granddaughters, nephews and everyone who loves you.

The LaCordia Langeca family appreciates your support, affection and respect in the face of this irreparable loss.

You will live happily ever after in my memory.

Sincerely, Your Son,

Ernesto Lacardia Longca

Various celebrities such as Maribel Guardia, Adrian Uribe, Adriana Fonseca, Adamari Lopez And many others shared their condolences Ernesto Lacardia And his family. A day later, the actor returned to social networks to share greetings for his daughter, and was celebrating a birthday, quiet because his mother was surrounded by love and now he is relaxing.

Ernesto Lacardia and he returned to television

Although Ernesto Lacardia He hasn’t been on TV for a while, and we’ve seen him come back with various projects this 2021, one of which is Telenowella. “Yes with you“He shares credits with Alejandra Robles Gill, Danilo Carrera and Brandon Benich. Annette Michael Even more so.

Too, Ernesto Lacardia He has confirmed his participation in its sequel.Crown of tears“Next Victoria Rufo, Maribel Guardia, Africa Zavala and many more, recordings start next December.

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Although the demise of your loving mother is a great pain Ernesto Lacardia She believes she left quietly, is proud of the family she has created, the success of her children and the charm of her grandchildren.

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