“Government has raised threats”

Venezuela’s opponent, Juan Guaido, confirmed this He is already on Colombian soil, where he will participate this Tuesday, April 25, in a summit called by President Gustavo Pedro. Until a few months ago the interim president-designate promised to request a meeting with the delegates in attendance.

“I hope the summit will guarantee the return of the Maduro regime to the negotiating table in Mexico and that a credible timetable for free and fair elections will be agreed upon as a solution to the conflict,” he said in a statement. Agenda includes meetings with diaspora members.

The former interim president has highlighted this year’s primaries and presidential elections as one of his priorities (the previous elections will precisely define the candidates running for the Miraflores palace). About these He assured that the ruling party has vetoed the participation of immigrants.

The scheduled election is expected to be held on October 22. According to CNN, which quoted the head of the National Primary Commission, Jesús María Casal, candidates should file their candidacies between the 18th and 23rd of next month. Between May 24 and June 23, the application cycle will begin with names that have met the requirements in the previous phase.

Guaidó’s agenda in Colombia

In a statement published on his Twitter account, Juan Guaidó emphasized that his aim is to ensure that the Venezuelan people respect their fundamental rights, namely the right to vote in the different elections that will be held. He also vowed to continue to condemn what he described as “crimes against humanity” by the Chavista government.

Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela. – Photo: Reuters
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“I demand the freedom of almost 300 political prisoners in prisons, to stop persecuting my family, my group and those who fight for a better Venezuela. Our fight is for free elections and respect for human rights (…). In the last few days, the regime has again raised threats against me, “Its purpose is to silence my voice. I’m not going to let Nicolás Maduro,” he said.

The opposition leader called on President Nicolás Maduro to define and advance the call for the next presidential election scheduled for 2024.
Opposition leader Juan Guaido has called for transparent elections in Venezuela. – Photo: Twitter/@jguaido

In his statement, The former president added that although he was aware of the dangers of staying on the streets to garner popular support, he would continue to garner more support. As was done on other occasions. He also emphasized that people’s welfare should be given priority and elections are the first step.

“Venezuela’s struggle for independence demands that it be united and includes the achievement of the necessary guarantees of a respected primacy and that is a unifying factor for the majority. For this struggle to work, the presidential election must be made a truly opportunity for change and reunification of the country. “It must be above any candidacy or personal interest,” He added that.

Everything is ready for the summit in Colombia

Representatives from 20 countries, including the United States, are expected to meet in Bogotá on Tuesday, April 25, in an effort to find proposals to reactivate talks that began in Mexico City in August 2021. November.

    Gustavo Pedro became president of Colombia and visited Caracas extensively during the first eight months of his government.
Gustavo Pedro became president of Colombia and visited Caracas extensively during the first eight months of his government. – Photo: Presidency of the Republic
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The Unitary Platform delegation, which represents the opposition at the negotiating table in Mexico, held a meeting with Colombian President Gustavo Pedro on Saturday.. Colombia is one of the opposition’s main allies in the region in the administration of Ivan Duque, whose government has severed ties with Nicolás Maduro.

Pedro returned to that process and played an almost leading role in the political negotiation process in the neighboring country.

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