Google Photos has a secret space where you keep AI-edited photos and videos

Google saves some AI-generated creations from your photos. To see them, you have to access the link that we offer you in this article.

Google Photos on your Android phone

Google Images is The default app for saving photos to the cloud on most Android phones. We’ve talked about it on so many occasions, we even brought it to you Tricks to get the most out of it.

You will see on which occasions the application suggests Automated designs For your photos, in some cases cartoons, in other collages and longforms etcetera. You may decide to save those designs, or you may not. Some don’t even show them. And what happens when you decide not to save them or, directly, not to see them? Well, there’s a big G URL you can go to See your spontaneous creations.

Here are your unsaved creations

If you access the URL you can see Some creations created by Google using your photos And they didn’t show you or you got rid of them. This was done automatically by Big G’s artificial intelligence, as we told you above.

And what can Google’s AI do with your photos? Well several things. Alternatively, you can Make an animation from still images, or short video clips that loop into a loop of longer video clips. In my case, since many of my photos are snapshots of my family’s life, there are very creative cartoons in which my son plays, for example.

AI could be more subtle and creative What Google calls “stylized images”. In these, some selected photos from your gallery have been enhanced with brightness and contrast. You may have put some in black and white and highlighted a certain color in the image (a red piece of clothing, for example).

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Another thing Google can do with your photos is Create photo collages. These images may be from one day, or the AI ​​may have selected images from different times grouped according to their thematic relationship. For example, Google might create a collection of photos you took in different restaurants of the food you ordered.

If you want to know what Big G has in store for you, feel free to go to the link we leave for you above.

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