Google offers an app that helps users identify skin conditions with a mobile camera


19 May 2021 23:10 GMT

The dermatologist works on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Google Hectare Created An application powered by artificial intelligence that allows people to identify skin, hair or nail conditions with the camera of a mobile device.

That application Skin help It is based on a web portal that will be launched as a pilot test later this year to help the tool determine potential user issues. To do this, the person is forced Take three photos Answer a series of questions, such as skin type and symptoms, from different angles of the affected area.

The application does not replace the medical examination

Then artificial intelligence, which is capable Approve the 288 Terms, Analyzes that information and provides a list of possible diseases so that the person can investigate further. However, Google suggests that this tool is not intended Providing a diagnosis It is not an alternative to medical recommendations, but only provides information reviewed by dermatologists so that the user can make a decision based on official data.

In addition, it shows that the use of skin aids is its pinnacle More than 3 years of research. These studies, which have been equally reviewed and published in different scientific journals, suggest that the artificial intelligence system can achieve an Diagnostic accuracy Similar to certified dermatologists in the United States, and physicians can use this tool to improve their ability to explain skin conditions.

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