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Would you like to train with Google for free and get an official certification for your resume? Today we offer you the best option to achieve this through the various courses that Google provides you, all of which are free and with a certificate that guarantees your knowledge in this field.

So if you are interested in knowing what courses Google offers and how you can sign up for them, we invite you to continue reading this article, as we will tell you all the details below.

Google is not only one of the most well-known technology companies around the world, but it is also committed to providing high-quality education available to everyone, with a special focus on training, improving and enhancing people’s digital skills so that they can grow in their careers or enhance their professional capabilities. a job. For this reason, Google has launched several initiatives through which various training courses, workshops or free virtual events are offered where you can train yourself on an endless number of tools that will allow you to understand and develop the digital skills that are becoming increasingly necessary.

One such initiative is called “Google Activate” and its goal is to train participants with all the basic knowledge needed to start developing their digital skills through various courses for beginners ranging from online marketing to programming, which can be very functional to improve. Your career, to advance your business or simply to gain knowledge in the field that you can perhaps use later.

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What courses does Google offer through “Google Activate”?

Through this initiative, Google offers more than 20 free courses and training courses for beginners, so that you can get started with various digital skills, which are:

  • Mobile application development course
  • Cloud computing
  • Protecting Your Business: Cybersecurity in Remote Work
  • Digital skills for professionals
  • Digital transformation of recruitment
  • E-Commerce
  • Personal productivity
  • Introduction to Web Development Course: HTML and CSS (1/2)
  • Introduction to Web Development Course: HTML and CSS (2/2)
  • Improve your company’s online security
  • Digital marketing basics
  • Learn about the basic principles of programming
  • Promote a company online
  • Gain trust through self-promotion
  • Get your next job
  • Make customers find you online
  • Learn the basics of machine learning
  • Promoting a company through online advertising
  • Public speaking
  • Increase productivity at work
  • Find out what customers need and how they behave online
  • Communicate with customers through mobile phones
  • The company exports to other countries
  • Promote a company with content
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How can I register for courses?

To participate in Google courses, all you have to do is visit the website Google get activationexplore its diversity, and if one of its courses interests you, you should click on the title, access your Google account by logging in and start your training.

For more information about the courses and to start your training visit: Google get activation.

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