Goodbye Televisa: After kissing an actor and having an “affair” with his boss, driver leaves “Hoi” for tough reasons

Mexico City.- A beloved actor and presenter with a career spanning over 35 years Televisa And a few years ago, he appeared in a soap opera and caused controversy Starring with a talented castHe would have given up Today’s plan For a subtle reason. About Ral Arizawho spent 14 years in the morning StarsBut has not been on air for two weeks, fueling speculation about his absence.

‘The Black’ Ariza He has been involved in many controversies in his career. He announced in 2019 Divorce A magazine profiled him years later, of the mother of his daughters Treachery With another actress. Arisa is one of the celebrities who allegedly sold their votes Green Party In the 2021 election. Then, after a positive test Covid-19 And to leave today, he was caught on the beach of Acapulco without him MaskThis got him scolded by the producer Andrea Rodriguez.

And that’s accurate ProducerSister of the deceased Magda Rodriguez, with whom he is rumored to have had something to do with. A few months ago, journalist Alex Coffey claimed in his show column that ‘El Negro’ was having an ‘affair’ with Andrea: “The TV producer thinks ‘El Negro’ has already had lunch (and that’s to tell Raúl Ariza,” he wrote. No one has spoken on the matter. However, this is not confirmed.

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And although Raul Ariza is one of the darlings San Angel TV, has been off air for two weeks in the morning. The public remembers what the driver had Alcohol problems In the past he has been open about his fight against evil Today His sudden disappearance from the networks without explanation has sparked rumors that he has been replaced. Maurizio Barcellata me Charles Arenas Inside Today Maybe because he had a rebirth.

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The show’s youtuber Alejandro Zúñiga commented that the theory about his departure is gaining ground because it’s strange that on the morning of his 24th anniversary on the air this week, he didn’t mention his whereabouts or appear in the video. did Galilee Montejo One Andrea Legaretta: “whats going on Today’s plan This is something we don’t quite understand. Raúl is a pillar of that program along with Andrea and Galilea, who are long-serving drivers,” Zuniga said.

And he added: “The show is turning 24 and then the strange thing is that Ariza is not right in the celebration of the show. Galilea wasn’t there, but she announced that she was going on vacation, so there was no speculation. “There is no explanation in the case of Raul, it has disappeared from social networks,” he commented, because Ariza has not appeared at any time even though she is usually very active on networks.

“There is very strong speculation about the possibility A relapse into his illness. It’s Raul Alcoholism And throughout his life he had moments of extreme crisis. This version makes a lot of sense, because if you go on vacation, it is not mentioned in the program at all,” he said without denying the fact that if so he could have sought help to recover. , although he reiterated that some science does not know what is happening, it is only known that his departure was sudden and without explanation.

And for his part, the driver did not hide that he had to go through hard times as a result addictionHowever, he was honest about it and told how he was able to move forward. In the show On Air membersAriza pointed out that he had been hospitalized for 4 years America At military school, when he dropped out, he started having problems with alcohol and women. Recalling the time he hit rock bottom, he noted:

Suddenly old, once my daughters looked at me until the morning … I said: “I can’t leave them with this memory” and that’s when I started to glow, but without stopping to live, “he said.

The real reason behind his absence is not yet known TodayHowever, one fact is that the driver took time off from the networks, so only he can clarify where he was and whether he actually suffered a setback as speculated by various sources.

Source: Tribune

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