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In recent years, technology has come to change the way the world is governed, but to achieve such a movement, it must continue to grow without stopping. This is what many streaming platforms are doing, for example, we have Amazon, which through its strategy includes commercial paid versions in its commercial paid versions, or Spotify, which recently announced an increase in payments, all these movements are very much. It is calculated to be able to provide the best service continuously.

Now Netflix has to take a step that will have a positive effect on many of its users, as it has announced that it will stop working on some televisions that do not meet the regular requirements, so that it can maintain normality.

These TVs include famous brands like Sony, Samsung, Vizio and the first generation smart TVs from the Roku brand. They are brands with a large number of customers and unfortunately have to say goodbye to Netflix, the giant of series and movies.

As announced by Netflix, below is the list of TVs that will be left without Netflix starting this July 24th.

This is the list of TVs without Netflix

We start with the Sony brand of smart TVs launched in 2014, which include the series X80, X83, X85, X9, X95, S9, W5, W6, W7, W70, W85 and W95.

Now, as for the first generation of Samsung, Vizio and Roku brand smart TVs, Netflix has not specifically announced which smart TV models they are, but it is known that they will also be affected.

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To everyone's surprise, Netflix confirmed that some Apple-branded smart TVs will also be affected from July 31, 2024. According to the website MacRumors, which specializes in Apple products, in particular, the affected TVs are the second and third generation.

The reason? With the release of new and better devices, they stopped receiving new updates, due to the limitations these devices have, restricting them from running new functions, and adding to the incompatibility they offer. Respect for security solutions.

With this, Netflix will focus on delivering better and more content on the latest devices.

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What to do if your TV quits Netflix?

Unfortunately, even if your smart TV doesn't have Netflix, you can switch to an external device that allows you to play the platform on your television.

For example, you can buy a Chromecast, Amazon Fire, or connect to another device using an HDMI cable. You can also use the “screen sharing” function from your cell phone or desktop or laptop PC, which will work if you have a stable connection, otherwise you may experience audio and video delay (lag).

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