Gonzalo Higuaín: ‘My retirement is approaching, I don’t like football’

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After that happened Gonzalo Higuain has been considering his retirement, Admitted to knowing himself ahead of Argentina His farewell to football is approaching, Because after playing for a year at MLS with Inter Miami, he says he feels I’m happy without the pressure of being in other football leagues.

Retirement is approaching And I have other plans in mind. Soccer is a forest And everyone should take care of their ass. My head is here in Miami and There is no chance of getting back into that pressure bubble, Inability to go out. I am quiet with myself And I give everything I can to make my family happy, “he told ESPN F90.

Similarly, Pipita regretted the changes in football He said that due to the different approaches of the coaches and the advent of technology, the game is moving away from its essence. He did not like it.

I like football, I loved him, will always love him, but only recently I like it less Today technology is losing all that skill as it cuts through the gaps and plays two touches and takes 1 against 1 and thrives, ”he said.

He kept playing in memory of his mother

During the interview, Higuain lived in a very emotional moment thinking of his mother Nancy Zacharias, who died this year while battling cancer, has admitted it He was close to retiring when he learned of the disease His mother was there because football went “fifth flight” for him.

“He was diagnosed with the disease at the USA Cup in the United States (2016). From there I go to Ohio to see Fedo (his brother) and she tells me about it. When he said this, I went to Argentina and told him I would not play football again until he recovered.. In fact, I fought for her. She told me: If you do not play, I will die soon, because I’m not going to leave you. You are in love For me ‘. I kept playing for her. I’m going to leave football. For me, football went to the fifth plane, ”he said.

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