“God says it’s disgusting”

Dayana Mendoza, God
Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008

Diana MendozaMiss Universe 2008, which shows how God has changed on social networks, uttered some controversial words in response to the Instagram user. @ peter.missology He questioned her about homosexuality and he warned her about her mania.

“As for this matter, God says it is abominable.”Mendoza said.

“God loves the sinner and hates sin,” he added.

Dayana Mendoza, God

God loves and loves strangers

“Dear God, God loves me differently, just as He loves you and the whole world, Dayana. Did we not say that he is merciful and compassionate? If so, why should he be portrayed as an executioner and a punisher of God, who explained those verses along the way? ”, Wrote @peter.missology.

“He loves me, my pride does not destroy anything. My pride makes me create new things in this world. It requires more understanding and more empathy than judging another,” he said.

“I appreciate where you come from and I do not expect everyone to agree with me. What I am saying is irrelevant, but that is not what God says in His Word. God loves the sinner, hates sin. On this matter, God says that it is an abomination,” Mendoza replied.

“She is OK. Judging who I am, I am no better than anyone. I am called to proclaim His word, not mine, but what I share is the word of God, and he who rejects it rejects His word. I believe in the Word of God, and I am in His Word. I’m not better than you, I do not love you less. “

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The controversy continued on his Instagram account. “Do you think I care if they tell me things?” He told another user on Instagram. “It simply came to our notice then. If my Lord receives them, I will not receive them, “he said.

“I am a super fan of Christ,” he said.

Then, with another user, he pointed out that not everyone likes the LGBTQ + agenda: “I want to follow Christ. I fear that Jehovah, the King of armies, will overthrow, not the world. ”

My best friends are homosexuals

To another user in English, he said: “Not everyone looks to hurt or damage someone’s life, career, opportunities or reputation because that person does not think like them.”

“My best friends are homosexuals, we are not friends because they do my hair or makeup, they are in a different profession, and they know I am in the Word of God, they know what I believe, I love them. On earth and in heaven,” he pointed out.

“We have a right to believe in Christ and to practice our faith. Remember those who commit these heinous acts, serve whomever we serve, be steadfast. God is on your side,” he said.

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