Gmail will delete accounts starting December 1: Check if your account exists

Company Google It revealed that it will start deleting Gmail accounts from December 1, Depending on the policy they run.

This is known

Google decided Delete accounts to improve users’ experience Likewise, update your applications to avoid possible network downfall.

As the company mentioned in the “Google Account Policies” section, They will be eliminated because many of them are inactive.

“An inactive Google account is one that has not been used for two years. It reserves the right to delete an inactive account along with its activity and data if you have not used it with Google products for at least two years,” the company wrote.

Which accounts will be affected and which will not?

The accounts that will be affected are: Personal. If you do not want to lose it, and you do not adhere to the two-year period, it is recommended to start using it so as not to lose important data and information.

To avoid this, you can read or send email, use Google Drive, share a photo, download an app, search in the browser, and watch YouTube videos.

“This policy applies to your personal Google Account. This does not apply to any… The company emphasized that Google is configured for you by your business, educational institution or other organization.

So, if you have a personal account that you haven’t used for two yearsAs of December 1, 2023, it will start being deleted. This may affect important information or emails hosted in Gmail.

What happens if your account is inactive?

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Before your account is deleted, Google will give you the opportunity to take action on it. According to the company, they will be contacted through email notifications and messages sent to the designated recovery email.

If you deleted your Google Account, here’s how to get it back:

If you accidentally delete your account, the company assures you that you can recover it. You should keep in mind that if this happened a long time ago, you will not be able to recover your existing data.

  • You have to answer a few questions to make sure it’s your account.
  • You can choose the “Recover Account” option, and there will be more suggestions to recover it.
  • Answer as many questions as possible.
  • If you can recover it, create a new password.

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