Glass Iohanis decorated the Ambassador of the United States in Bucharest

The President of Romania, Glas Iohannis, decorated Adrian Zuckerman in Bucharest. The US Representative ends his term as Head of the US Embassy.

The President of Romania decorated the US Ambassador in Bucharest

The Presidential Administration announced on Wednesday, January 13, that Romanian President Klaus Iohanis had signed an order adorning the US Ambassador to Bucharest, His Excellency Zuckerman Adrian. Zuckerman received the National Order “Star of Romania” at the Grand Cross.

President Zuckerman Adrienne Grant, President of the United States, announced the “Star of Romania” National Ambassador to Bucharest, as a sign of “significant involvement in the development and deepening of the strategic federation between our country and the United States, as well as the full course of action taken during his tenure in Romania.”

U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest Adrian Zuckerman ends his term in Romania. The reasons for the withdrawal of the ambassador appointed by President Donald Trump have not been announced.

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