Giselle Blondet has already removed her breast implants and posed with them

Giselle Blondet poses with removed breast implants.

Photo: Giselle Blondet / Courtesy

According to her, Giselle Blonded Her breast transplants have already been removed. And posed with them To the cry of “It weighs.”

We told you a few days ago The handsome Puerto Rican presenter and entrepreneur has made a decision with her breast transplants: He is going to remove what he was wearing to look good for health reasons.

“I have Some are difficult, and they are closely related to so-called implant diseaseI have already seen many cases where I have constant headaches, fatigue, tiredness, diseases like mine, It is associated with rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancerBlondet explained at the time.

Well that day came too And along with his daughter KP, who underwent the same procedure a month ago, Giselle underwent surgery., And as promised, he gradually shared on his social networks.

Since he came to consult, Final check-up and explanation before entering the operating room, after which, even with a continuation of anesthesia, Removed implants from home, in bed rest area and in a bag next to her.

In addition to removing implants, Surgeon Dev Vibarkar lifted her breasts into a beautiful shape, Giselle says she was always looking for when she decided to get a touch-up, but, at the time, she was told the only way was to get implants.

If I say something stupid, forgive me, but I’m still getting sleepI’m happy, I’m home I’m happy and grateful, I do not remember anything, I only want pajamas like this … Am I talking nonsense?

With friends, as we told you, his daughter KP and his other daughter Andrea, via FaceTime, Giselle promised to give more details when he recovered.

See before and after Giselle Plantet’s surgery here:

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