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One of the Turkish soap operas that caused a stir in Spain. “”, A successful production, featuring one of its protagonists, Fias Duman, who plays Arif. The Turkish artist was seen in a completely different way than he was shown in the novel on Instagram, and precisely now, we are going to tell you what happened to him after the completion of “Kathin”.

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Duman is an artist born in Turkey And is now 38 years old. In his early years he had serious problems because his whole family had to start anew in Istanbul, and one of his major shortcomings was language. In the midst of these setbacks, the famous actor, “Courage for a Woman,” strives to succeed in life, and the boy succeeds.

“Female Strength” Oh “Female” In its original language, it is a product of Turkish descent, which was a huge success last July. In recent days, Delanovela fans have noticed how different it is Fayas smoke Unlike what Spanish television has shown us on their social networks.

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What happened to Fayaz Duman at the end of “Mujer”?

After the final episode of “Girl”, soap opera followers began to search for their favorite characters. Undoubtedly, one of them is Duman, who appears on Instagram with a completely different personality and the appearance of his character Arif in the novel.

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One of the main differences that Fias Duman fans see with Arif In fiction the actor has a strong personality, Not enough to appear on your social network. Duman plays sports at the gym, and shows his wife, Sosan Simzek, whom he married a year ago.

Looking at the photos of Duman’s official account a little more, he stopped dyeing his hair in order to give more fame to his gray hair which he is so proud of.

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Foys Duman Inquisition e n Netflix

In March 2021, it was announced that Faiz Duman would be entering the world of streaming site Netflix. The Turkish actor came to Spain with the film “Bees”It is found only in Turkey and Europe.

Here we see another page of Duman, who co-starred with the famous Turkish actress Mareim Userli in the role of Hurrem in “Solomon, The Great Sultan”. Iker, Fias Duman Ruler; Mereyem Uzerli, a photographer who lives in the village of Ice, is a young woman who has to return to take care of her dying mother.

In “Bees” we can see some physical changes in Duman. For example, unlike Arif, Iker has a thick beard and a gray mustache that looks like his hair. He is a man with little social life, like Tarlapsy from the woman.

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Who is Fias Duman?

Fayaz Duman is of Kurdish descent and specializes in cinema and drama; Both fields are recurring in his career. His main role was in the role of Arif in the Telenovola “Mujer” recorded in 2018. This work was before and after his acting career.

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Dumann lived in New York for five years, where he studied acting and successfully completed his master’s degree. One of his main desires is to work in Hollywood.

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