Giovanni dos Santos left the United States immediately; Solari’s hopes were not defeated

Giovanni Dos Santos ends his contract with the United States at the end of the match, but the player did not beat Santiago Solari’s confidence and it is difficult to stay in the team.

Exit count Giovanni dose Santos of United States It seems to have begun, we will only have to wait for the American team’s participation in the Clausura 2021 league, when the player trained at the Macia del Club de Copa will end up leaving.

In this match, the “10” American adds just 277 minutes, the product of the seven games he has played, three of them as starters, but none of them he can finish in 90 minutes. What else, youth He has not played in the league with the Americans since he played 15 minutes in the Tigers’ court victory on April 10.

That is a fact youth Failed to gain confidence Santiago Solari Although Argentina has repeatedly suggested a way to train the senior of the Dos Santos brothers, the evidence for this is that despite the fall Sebastian Cordova And other elements related to the attack. He wanted to use American coach Leonardo Suarez or give Roger Martinez the chance to show himself on the pitch before enabling him to act as a midfielder for a band.

Sources comment ESPN That release youth This is inevitable because the deal with the Americans expires next summer and there is no intention to renew it yet. Azulgrimas managers understand that the choice of steering game refers to the allocation to bring in a player Santiago SolariPlus his high salary will no longer be a burden to team management.

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The good news for Geo is that he still has a specific cartel in Mexico and Spain that may open the door to continue his life. Liga M.X. Or abroad. So far, the player has no definite offers at the table, but hopefully something will crystallize in the next transfer book that ends the summer so the 31-year-old will continue to play ball forward.

If you complete your departure United States Without participating in the league of this competition, youth He will come out with the worst number of just 45 official league games he has played for the team in two years, amassing 2,526 minutes in the league with an Azul Grema shirt, with only four goals remaining as a player for the Eagles, short of expectations created by the arrival of Dos Santos in the Copa del Rey last 2019.

The future looks uncertain youth, But a good league can be considered a distant prospect of continuing in Copa or attracting the attention of another club to continue playing football anywhere in the world.

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