Get up early on Christmas Eve for the Govt-19 tests | Agencies

The Christmas Eve festivities did not prevent hundreds of vehicles from staying overnight from early morning to carry out the Kovit-19 test at Hiram Pithorn Stadium in Haddo Rail.

From Hundreds of vehicles lined up outside the stadium just before 5:00 a.m., and by 8:30 a.m. it had begun to move a little. Tests by the Department of Health begin at 9:00 p.m.

Then, on one side of the Plaza Los Americas Shopping Center, the queue began at the main entrance to the stadium. It stretched all the way to Police Headquarters and headed back to Avenida Andalusia in Puerto Nuevo.

Salud offers free antigen or molecular tests as part of the “Parrandón de tests” initiative. Today they hope to make an impact by testing around eight cities. They are San Juan, Santa Isabel, Orokovis, Nakuabo, Mayagus, Loisa, Los Petros and Cabo Rojo.

According to preliminary data on health, The positive rate today was 21.09%, a difference of 2% compared to yesterday. Health Secretary Carlos Melloto called on the public to be careful with the test kit, and denied that the island was facing a shortage, as had happened on other occasions during the epidemics.

In your ad, Hygiene says tests are available “as long as they last”. The trend of lines for testing on Thursday was similar, and many failed to do so.

Recurrence of infections began to emerge last week after the advent of the Omigran variant. In just ten days, a total of 27,143 Govt-19 cases have been registered in Puerto Rico for the first time., Mainly from people 41 years of age or younger, who have not been vaccinated against the virus or who need a booster dose.

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“Let me give you an idea, there were a total of 16,189 cases from September 1 to November 30 this year, which means we’re talking about it in ten days – from December 12 to 22 – we’re amassed a little more. 27,000. 75% of the cases we’ve seen in the last 10 days. People are 41 years of age or younger. The average age for infection is now 33 years, ”explained Melissa Marzan, chief epidemiologist at Health.

On the other hand, Marzán confirmed the fourth case of the Omigron variant on the island. It is small between the ages of 0 and 5 and belongs to the health area of ​​the pons. Although he said he could not give a specific age, he admitted that the case was due to social spread because the minor or his family did not have a travel history.

Similarly, in the last three days, 92% of the samples processed in sentinel labs – which support genetic monitoring in Puerto Rico – are already “potentially omigron”, Marson pointed out.

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