Get to know “MetaCamp Lite”, a virtual socialization space aimed at teenagers

According to evidence presented at the recently concluded Dominican Congress of Pediatrics, young people and adolescents have been highly impacted by the pandemic, as a result of the closure of educational centers, the cessation of social and recreational activities. These alterations to their “normal” routine have had adverse emotional effects, which have resulted in an increase in depressive symptoms and alterations in their quality of life.

Seeking to contribute and present solutions to this reality, Primera ARS makes the first Metacamp Lite available to all its affiliates, an initiative that aims to promote a socialization space, so that adolescents between 12 and 17 years old can access virtual meetings with their peers, in which they can explore different areas of life and discover their best version.

The program will take place from August 9 to 13, with daily sessions of one hour, during which a professional team of national and international facilitators who will help adolescents to share, laugh, recognize and better manage their emotions, exercising and connecting through games and dynamics, its four dimensions: physical, mental, socio-emotional and spiritual.

Among the topics to be addressed, special attention will be given to the benefits of assertive communication and the role of the family, as tools to face this important stage of life with optimism. Additional vital aspects will be addressed, such as food and nutrition, the benefits of physical activity, comprehensive well-being, as well as support for the individual construction of the vision of the future, the influences of the environment and the management of money, each subject treated from a comprehensive perspective and segmented according to the age of the participants.

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Interested parents may register their children free of charge through the page.

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