Get to Know About Clear Coffee: Pure Coffee

For now, Clear Coffee will remain an internet curiosity conducive to sharing and nothing more, as the comments seem mixed! for me too.

Clear Coffee or an unusual brand of coffee, first marketed in England and now available to everyone, the originality of which lies in the following photo

Backed by food and beverage influence in 2017, this coffee hit the pinnacle of a healthy lifestyle, but just take a quick look at customer reviews to know that even the most curious people who tried it weren’t seduced.

At least in spain!

Yes, the coffee is transparent, but some describe it as a little yellow … and above all: it is bad coffee!

You can find some here if you are in the mood to explore.

Get the world’s Best manual espresso machine

As of this writing, you can only buy them in packs of 4!

The tidy sum is 19 euros for a notorious coffee, which I didn’t have the courage to taste because I couldn’t buy a single bottle.

I will definitely update as soon as I get a taste, because I care! After all, it’s probably just a few eccentric people who didn’t like it…

One bottle contains about 100mg of caffeine, which is almost twice as much as espresso. The coffee is served cold of course! I don’t expect Crow Grand either.

During this broad media campaign for pure coffee,

Their transparent coffee was sold as an answer to a major economic and social problem that has haunted humanity for thousands of years…

Coffee turns her teeth yellow!!

With Clear Coffee, you keep your teeth white!

Jokes aside: You don’t just think about it, you have to do it…and they did. If you like it, you know where to find it! You realize that such curiosity must appear somewhere on Nomad Barista!

More transparent coffee…in Japan! Asahi Clear Latte

The transparent coffee saga continues!

This exoticism had to find its place in Japan, and in 2018, Asahi (a large Japanese consumer brand) released Clear Latte after already successfully selling a clear milk tea…

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Do me a favor, if you ever go to Japan and have a chance to taste it, come back and leave me a comment on this article and give me your opinion!

Get a detailed views about coffee at: El Progresivo Website

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