Germany condemns US lack of solidarity with NATO allies over its military presence in Afghanistan

The German government has strongly criticized US President Donald Trump’s decision to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan, warning that other NATO troops’ security risks will increase, according to Mediafox.

“Our serious concern is that the early withdrawal of troops will affect negotiations between the Afghan administration and the Taliban insurgents, creating a security vacuum and hampering progress in Afghanistan,” said Berlin government spokesman Christopher Burger. Of the website.

The German Defense Ministry warns that the declining U.S. military presence could pose a security risk to more than 1,000 German troops in Afghanistan and soldiers from other countries participating in the NATO mission.

“Of course we, along with NATO allies, are trying to figure out what this result is in the decisive terms for the domain because it is very clear that the United States has a key role to play as a key contributor to the field. We begin with the principle that the policy should be respected. German Defense Ministry spokesman Arne Colts-Johansson said that we must now adapt our plans to what the US side is saying.

Author: Liviu Gojan

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