German ‘Badan’ Mejia announces that he will be punished for participating in bureaucratic competitions – Dice

The issue of football players’ participation in bureaucratic matches in the United States has been the subject of debate in Honduras and managers have not backed down.

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After Eduardo Adala, President of Mottagua, spoke about the appearance of members of the hurricane, it is now Osman Madrid who confirms the punishment for the German “Badan” Majia.

“The team’s internal rules are clear, they will be used. German Majia have previously been allowed in. Will be subject to the rules, “he told Meridiano Deportivo.

Following the announcement of the Olympia manager and comments on social media, the Los Albos footballer, German Mejia, has decided to resign.

Mejia has written a direct message to herself on her social networks. “For those of you who oppose me, I want love and peace,” he said.

The downside for Mornju midfielder is that he already had a role model in past matches, where he was penalized by Pedro Troclio and did not take part in many games.

German Mejia is not the only football player on the team to take part in this bureaucratic tournament because there are other members and members of other clubs.

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