George Salinas’ daughter asks for privacy after meeting with her brothers

We were very surprised when we saw a picture uploaded on their social networks Gabriella Catano Salinas, 25, daughter of George Salinas, 53, and Adriana Catano, 45, with his brothers, the duo who were with the actor Peruvian Fatima Bogio, 47, we have never seen them together in practice.

According to KP’s record, The meeting was in Miami, where she lives, Because the birthday of the youth.

We chatted with KP, he told us: “I am super content Working as a pioneer TV Off “.

-Kaby, how do you feel?

“Super Contenta, I am currently working as a presenter Best style show on Hello Channel And on the television network NBC With my section on ‘Touch Up Tuesday’ about beauty on the show In the mix6”.

Tell us, we saw you a lot a few days ago Living happily with your brothers

I want to respect my family’s privacy. I hope you understand. Thank you, ”he concluded.

KP Catano TV Notas

We see Adriana Catano, but she told us

-It was so beautiful Reunion with KP’s siblings

“I can’t talk about my daughter’s little brothers I can not comment on that. Thanks for understanding “.

KP Catano TV Notas

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