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From the beginning of the week, , Also known as “La Sucona”, is part of a controversy over alleged harassment suffered by a man disguised as “Cado Sylvester” during the program’s launch.”.

With this, He came forward to defend his comic show. The actor said he wanted to know who was under the toy.

“Fatima and I know very well who this ‘cat’ is and I want to tell you that he is a good friend of Fetima”, Benavitz commented Magali Medina.

This is where Medina questioned the model’s reaction when hugging this person. “I asked her on Monday and she tells me that she is worried about the toy and what she is telling me is that she has never been bullied by him. ‘How can I accuse him of being my friend, one of my best friends, wanting to touch me?’Benavitz commented on the response the comic actress gave him.

Medina pointed out that this is what is suspected Danny Rosales. It is true that Benavitz did not want to clarify. “I don’t have the authority to give the name and that person will come out to say”, He sentenced.

George Benavitz accused Fatima Sekovia of persecution

Medina admitted that she was not happy with the response because she wanted Sequoia and the “cat” to come out to clarify what had happened in her place.

Similarly, Benavitz pointed out that sexual production is not normalized in their production and confirmed that for many years they did not hug or forcefully kiss women.

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Finally, the “friction” of the “cat” with the Benavitz model occurs because the cases are so uncomfortable and do not allow them to walk well. He also said he questioned Sekhovia’s effectiveness in rejecting the cat “It caused speculation that she was embarrassed.”

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