Gaspar Benegas arrives at the Julio Le Parc cultural space

gaspar benegas, guitar player Indio Solari And Air conditioning purists And the leader of La Mono reaches Mendoza with his show “En Acústico”. In what promises to be an intimate and enriching musical experience, this is it Friday, December 8 at 9 p.m, The prominent Argentine musician descends into the Sala Ernesto Suárez (circular room) in the Julio Le Parc cultural space(Mitri and Godoy Cruz, Glenn.).

It should be noted that it will also be part of the game Stubborn sona local group that pays homage to the world of the recotero with the specificity of doing so Audio formatgenerating a Fire block in Every one of his shows.

the artist

Gaspar Benegas He is an Argentine rock musician, composer and producer. He is known as the guitarist of Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Adiciones, the band that accompanies the legendary Indio Solari. He was also the guitarist and producer of the band Las Manos de Filippi, and currently leads the rock trio La Mono, a group with which he tours throughout Argentina playing concerts to full houses.

Benegas was born in Baggins(Rio Negro Province). He is the son of Jaime Benegas and popular rock singer María José Cantillo, both deceased. His uncle Miguel Cantillo is the leader of the duo Pedro y Pablo. He is in a relationship with singer Valentina Cook.

He made his debut at the age of 12 when he was invited Babu, for live performance. Among the albums he worked on as guitarist for Indio Solari: Porco rex (2007), El Perfume de la Tempestad (2010), Pajaritos, bravos Muchachitos (2013), and El ruiseñor, el amor y la muerte (2018). .

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In 2007, he joined as a guitarist and arranger Felipe’s handsSince then he has been involved in his most recent productions, among them: Obrero Control (2007), The piqueterosmethods (2009), La calesita de Mamanis (2011), Marginal y Popular (2014) and MACRI – Mente Anti Capitalista Revolucionaria Internacional (2018). ).

In 2015 he formed the power trio Monkey, along with Ramiro Lopez Naguel on drums and Lucas Argumedo on bass. In 2016 they independently released their first album “Experimento”. In 2019 they presented their second album entitled “Anomaly” which has cover art illustrated by the former singer of Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota, Carlos Alberto Solari.

From 2019 to the present, after Solari’s retirement, he has become one of the best Key votes Among the fundamentalists.

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