Galvez and Sheinbaum Respond to Miley After Calling AMLO “Ignorant”

(CNN Spanish) — Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been the target of harsh words from Argentina's President Javier Mili. In an interview with Andrés Oppenheimer for CNN, the Argentine president called his Mexican opposition “ignorant.” The issue reached the presidential campaign: official candidate Claudia Scheinbaum and opposition Xóchitl Gálvez both reacted by rejecting Miley's statements.

Scheinbaum, from Morena's party (same as AMLO), asked López Obrador to pay respect, saying he and Miley represent two different projects. “Of course we ask that the President be respected, but ultimately what matters is the plans. So, above all else, the claim should be made. “They consider one plan, we have another plan, and that should be respected.” said the candidate and former head of the Mexico City government.

For his part, Xóchitl Gálvez, the PAN-PRI-PRD opposition candidate for the presidency of Mexico, rejected Milei's statements – in his own way.

“I will not allow President Mile Andrés Manuel López Obrador to speak ill of him, and I will take care of it.” said the former senator.

The Ministry of External Affairs has yet to issue any statement.

Lopez Obrador did not comment in response to Mili. AMLO will not have his usual morning briefing this Thursday and Friday.

A response from the government or the president is expected on Monday.

“For an ignorant person like López Obrador to talk bad about me is a compliment, it lifts me up,” Miley said.

Crossroads between Milei and López Obrador are not new. On more than one occasion, the Mexican president has criticized Argentina's stances and compared him to dictators.

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This Sunday at 9pm Miami time (10pm Buenos Aires), complete interview with Miley on Oppenheimer Presenta on CNN en Español.

With information from Mauricio Torres, Manuela Castro and Fidel Gutierrez

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