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Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies pledged their allegiance to the G20 summit in Rome this Sunday. Achieve carbon neutrality Before concluding the two-day summit “towards the middle of the century or towards the middle of the century”, it laid the groundwork. UN General Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland.

According to the final report, the leaders of the 20 groups also agreed Freezing of public funds for coal power generation abroadBut they have not set any goal to phase out coal domestically, with clear approval for coal-dependent countries. China e India, And a win Britain, Who expected strong responsibilities ahead of the Glasgow meeting.

A group of 20 countries has more than three-quarters of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and hosts the summit, Italy, Looking for strong goals on how to reduce emissions and help poor countries cope with the impact of rising temperatures.

Without them, the pace of the wide-ranging annual talks that began this Sunday in Glasgow and the nations around the world would be represented, including the poor and those most vulnerable to rising sea levels, desertification and more, could be lost.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi told leaders before the last working session on Sunday that they should establish themselves very badly. How to make short-term changes to achieve long-term goals.

Coal, a key issue in the fight against climate change, remains unresolved

The future of coal, the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, is one of the hardest things to agree on on the G-20. However, a senior US official, who did not want to be named, told the AP that the United States and other countries were looking forward to committing to ending foreign funding for coal-fired power generation.

Western Countries e have shunned funding for coal projects in developing countries, And major Asian economies are doing the same now: Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the UN General Assembly last month that Beijing would stop funding such projects, as Japan and South Korea did earlier this year.

However, China has not set a deadline to set up coal plants in its country. Coal is China’s main source of electricity, and China and India have opposed the G20 report’s proposals to gradually reduce domestic coal consumption.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said before the summit in Rome that he could not compromise on removing coal from Xi, who did not travel to the meeting and participated by video conference.

In Glasgow, Johnson said, “These leaders … need to focus on the compromises they can make, stay away from fossil fuel use, and stay away from coal – fired power plants across the country.”

“Last chance”: Request emergency action from G-20

Young climate activists Greta Dunberg and Vanessa Naked released an open letter to the media shortly after the summit, emphasizing three fundamental aspects of the climate crisis. Time is running out, Any solution should do justice to the most vulnerable to climate change, and the biggest polluters often hide behind incomplete statistics about their actual emissions.

“The climate crisis will be even more urgent. We can avoid even worse consequences and change this even more. But if we do not continue like today,” they wrote a few weeks after Dunberg embarrassed world leaders for his “Blu Blu Blu” rhetoric during the Youth Climate Summit in Milan.

Britain’s Prince Charles addressed the G20 summit on Sunday morning and urged leaders to listen to young people who have inherited global warming. “This is the last chance”.

Charles, a senior environmental activist, said the public-private partnership was the only way to achieve the trillions of dollars in annual investment needed to transform global warming into clean, sustainable energy sources that mitigate global warming.

“We can’t help but see the pessimistic voices that see young people as responsible for the planet and hold the credibility of their future in their hands,” Charles said.

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