Fuel sales have stopped at several service centers in the Cuban capital

Havana government officials said in a statement liberation The official published this May 4 morning will suspend the sale of already limited fuel at various service centers in Havana, especially in the Vedado area where a political action will be held for the celebration on May 5. Labor Day”.

According to this note, “it is necessary to take into account the activities planned for the International Labor Day and other activities carried out in the Malecón area.”

Because of this, from 7:00 PM on May 4th to 10:00 AM on May 5th, fuel delivery and sales will be suspended at the service centers we mention below (all in Plaza de la Revolución Municipality).

Which service centers will be affected by this? The one at 3rd and 12th, the one at Riviera, the one at Tangana, the one at Vista Al Mar, the one at La Ramba and the one at G and 25th. .

“Customers present at these service centers are guaranteed to maintain the queue in the same order as found in the established registers or lists, for which reason and for security reasons, vehicles are parked at these locations or in their vicinity”, they added.

Fuel crisis in Havana

In their statement, they assured, “From 10:00 am on May 5, fuel delivery and sales services will be restored at the above service centres.”

The move, amid an unprecedented fuel crisis in the island, has again hit government and private drivers who, after days of queues and waits, plan to move on the day.

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“I’m cool, I already know that in the end someone in the government is acting against his position, nobody is bothering me, keep playing with fire,” said the victimized Havana man.

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