From what age will you be happiest according to science?

Happiness is subjective, but scientists confirm that there is a certain age when people are happiest

According to a study conducted by scientists at Harvard University, who analyzed the lives of 700 people, they found this Individuals are happier after the age of sixty, because at this age the burden of obligations, friendships that do not make them happy, or meetings that they do not like are usually lifted.

While another study conducted by researchers from Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, proved that people's life satisfaction begins to decline between the ages of nine and sixteen.

This research was based on a sample of 443 longitudinal studies, conducted on 460,902 participants, whose central focus was: changes in three central components of subjective well-being: life satisfaction, positive affective states, and negative affective states. Emotions.

The results of the study showed (as we mentioned above) that life satisfaction decreases between the ages of nine and sixteen, but it begins to rise until the age of 70, and finally decreases again until the age of 96.


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