From the Vaccine Report to the Ministry of Science

The Cabinet of the Minister of Science already has a new director. Is about Josep Antoni Lobera, Higher Materials Engineer and Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Madrid since 2009. What not everyone knows is that he has also been part of the technical working group of the Covid-19 Vaccine Report of the Ministry of Health, as representative of the Public Opinion and Sociology area. Together with a large group of experts, Lobera was in charge of the participation, review and approval of the vaccination program and registry. Her future will continue to be linked to science as the ‘right hand’ of Minister Diana Morant, together with whom she will have to face the challenges that this post-pandemic stage will bring, such as the achievement of “a stable political commitment” and a great “country agreement. “for the promotion of the scientific area in Spain or the ability to retain the talent of researchers by improving and stabilizing their working conditions. As tools, Antoni has a long professional career, in which his position as President of the Research Committee in Sociology of Science and Technology, of the Spanish Federation of Sociology and research work at the Metroscopia demographic institute, the Global University Network for Innovation and the Texas Center for Superconductivity …

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