From the Philippines, Chiquis Rivera flaunts her curves in a swimsuit

Sigis Rivera He took a few days off PhilippinesHe enjoys and wears its beaches Excellent appearance, with whom he boasts a great body. The singer shared a series of photos on her Instagram account in which she showed off her curves, which are perfect for any body type. In addition, he took the opportunity to send a message in which he thanked for everything Lived in this year 2022.

daughter Jenny Rivera It is an example of fashion and self-love for women.curve“He has proven that he can wear any kind of clothesFitted pieces that highlight your figure, She’s very daring to show a little more skin, Like this Active bikinis She has shown up on her trip to her Asian country, where she stole her style look.

The singer flaunts her bikini figure on IG @chiquis

Chiquis Rivera shines in swimwear

The 37-year-old singer shared the post with her 5.6 million followers target A series of photos in which he showed a little more about his trip to the beaches Philippines. Likewise, he has shown from films that he is not afraid to be seen in nature He wore only a loaf of bread and face without MakeupIt was also successful Show off your curves with youbathing suits, It put her on the net and crowned herself a style icon for days by the sea.

translator “The queen bee“Besides being interesting, it’s verified Two piece swimsuits, flaunting her curvaceous figure in full bathing suits that stand out for her designs. In one of the pictures you can see chiquis She showed her back to the camera in her beach dress.

Chiquis also shines in full outfits on IG @chiquis

Another postcard captures him in front of the ocean, where he is seen posing on his knees and wearing Two piece black swimsuit He made it clear that he felt She is proud of her body and is ready to flaunt it With this type of clothing. Thus, Sigis Rivera She sets herself as a role model for plus-sized women like her who want to stop covering up their figure, especially when going to the beach.

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“No makeup. Hair in a bun. Vitamin C & E … just what my heart needed before starting the new year! Thank you, God! Thank you 2022.” (No makeup. Hair in a bun. Vitamin C & E… Just what my heart needed before starting the new year! Thank God! ?? Thank you 2022), was the phrase the singer shared the pictures with. He received hundreds of positive messages from his fans, and more than 300 thousand “likes”.

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