From the gym, “Puma” Rodriguez’s granddaughter shows her perfect photo

Galileo Lopez Morillo She is the only granddaughter of a Venezuelan singer Jose Louis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez Unlike relatives who dedicated themselves to acting or music, he decided to take a different path. Not only is he an entrepreneur, he is also a great influence and is responsible for revealing his slender figure through his social networks. On this occasion, he raised the temperature from the gym.

Liliana Rodriguez Morillo’s daughter is 26 years old and, unlike her mother or grandmother, Galilee He decided to set up his real estate company in Miami, where it is very successful, which is why he has been living in Miami for some time. The young woman wants to stay away from the cameras and slander involving her relatives.

Galileo Lopez Morillo, granddaughter of Puma. Source Instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

The existing relationship between Puma Rodriguez And his granddaughter, Galileo Lopez Morillo, Practically zero, because the young woman admitted to trying to contact her grandfather, but did not even get a chance to meet him. However, he does not hesitate for a second when the Venezuelan singer needs to be protected from criticism and attack.

On his Instagram account, Galileo Lopez Morillo He has more than 90 followers and is responsible for proving and showing off his incredible image. In the video released on his official account, Puma Rodriguez’s granddaughter showed off her strict routine at the gym and never missed an opportunity to show off her curves. The incredible transformation of his body can be seen in the pictures.

A few days ago, the news that the daughters were confirmed Puma Rodriguez, Liliana and Lilliput will release a new song that they will do together. Born the second daughter of Venezuela, they have now released ‘Malo’, which will be dedicated to her father. The messages given by one of the daughters stood out: “For you and for every family in conflict” Distances of suffering, division, abandonment and oblivion. We hope this topic touches your heart. “

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