From the couch, Suge Abrego runs the net naturally

Suge Abrego He admitted to his fans Social websites As he shared a photo of himself spotted on this chilly morning Out of bed and naturallyPerfect picture the light Sites and confirms that she is one of the most beautiful women on the show.

The actress and anchor is about to celebrate a year with him VIP page Already crowned as one of the favorites of these types of exclusive services for adults, celebrities are included Aleida Nunez, Yvonne Montero and Nolia.

Suge Abrego looks natural and succeeds

Abrego decided to warm the morning of his fans on networks like Instagram and FacebookIn it, she shared a photo that left many gasping The presenter showed her everything Natural beautyIt can be seen that he is not wearing any clothes.

Suge lit up the net with her beauty. Photo: IG @sugeyabregotv

That in the picture sugey You can pose on popular meta sites from bedA look she was seen at times in white sheets and wavy hair with lots of volume, but undoubtedly made her stand out.

“What I would give to stay in your mind… #rain #cool #hugs. Don’t you want something to beat the cold?” Originally Posted by Host from Veracruz Of course Enabled the network And more than one of his fans gasped.

Although this is not the first time Abrego She shows herself with her followers in a sensual and provocative photo, because the picture she shared belongs to a session she did a few months ago, in which she gave a “little taste”. Facebook and InstagramThere she received thousands of “likes” and flattering messages.

The actress steals glances with her daring pictures. Photo: IG @sugeyabregotv

Suge Abrego43, currently part of the cast of the drama “Amor de Tres”, she not only showed her beauty and sensuality, but also confirmed, as she did on other occasions, why she is one of the favorites of social networks. VIP queen.

The native of Veracruz started her acting career by participating in one-off series like “Girl, Real Life Cases” and soap operas like “Autumn Skin” and “Class 406”. Status of a morning.

It is confirmed as the queen of VIP. Photo: IG @sugeyabregotv

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