From the beach, Lucero makes his fans fall in love with a completely natural photo

bright star In the past few hours, she has grabbed attention on social media as she posted a photo He left all his fans speechless Well it turns out The beloved actress and singer looked totally natural from the beach Therefore, the revealing picture caused a stir among fans of “La Novia de America”, who praised the mother of Lucerito Mijares.

This was through his official Instagram profile bright star He shared the photo in question with only the intention of Show the spectacular scenery he enjoyed during the short vacation he took We are taking advantage of the holiday bridge for November 20th.

“Always Love the Sea” is the text written by him bright star With his photo, in it He posed from the balcony of his hotel room. It had a spectacular view of the sea and in the said image, the singer appeared unsmiling and raised her right hand in a sign of “love and peace”.

Lucero revealed his completely normal face. Photo: IG: luceromexico

For this postcard, it should be mentioned. Lucero appeared without a drop of makeup, so she showed off her completely natural face, In addition, she was slightly disheveled, wearing sunglasses and could only see a little of the bathing suit she was wearing, which was brown. Her fans showered her with praises and thanked her for being so genuine.

The word “beautiful” is too small to describe you”, “You look spectacular”, “You are a goddess”, “Every day is so beautiful”, “A true sweetheart” and “Simply divine” These are some of the compliments that can be read in the comment box of Lucero’s post, which as of the end of this writing has already amassed around 50,000 likes.

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Lucero and Mijares prepare the challenge together

Although Lucero and Mijares have been living apart for more than ten yearsThey have always maintained a close relationship with their children, however, and have been on tour together for a few months. “Till it be done unto us” And after going around different cities, next Friday November 25 As they intend to complete, a real monument will be challenging National Theatre, It is very possible that they will achieve it as they have an audience of all age groups who have been waiting for this show for months.

Lucero and Mijares managed to maintain their friendship even after the divorce. Photo: Featured

Currently, it is not confirmed Lucero and Mijares They have prepared something special for their concert at the National Auditorium. Fans of the former partner have already started asking them through social networks to invite their daughter Lucerito to the stage. Well, he has already shown that he inherited all the talent and charm of his parents.

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