From refusing to give an interview to taking a photo with a fan

Lto do Visit of Ana de Armas to Cuba This is much commented on in Cuba. Born in Havana 35 years ago, the actress returned to her country to enjoy a vacation and celebrate her birthday.

Being one of Hollywood’s most fashionable actresses, this visit has made a huge impact. “He comes to Cuba to enjoy the holidays, which he always does, says more than any statement. She may say that there is no opening in Cuba. But his visit negates that and also negates the positive coverage of that visit in the Cuban press,” noted a publication in La Jiribilla, a magazine linked to the Cuban Ministry of Culture.

The The protagonist of ‘Ponniram’, In it she played Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, who is one of the most popular actresses right now. The actress has already traveled to the island on other occasions, but this trip was different. She doesn’t do it alone as her partner, businessman Paul Boukadakis, accompanies her.

In Cuba it is It has been well received, in the streets and places where he was going. However, he has also faced some backlash, notably by refusing to grant interviews to journalists.

A journalist from Cubadebate, which describes itself as an “alternative news media that warns against anti-Cuba smear campaigns,” tried unsuccessfully to speak to Ana. “Ana, good morning, I am Talia Fuentes, journalist for CubePad. Do you think you can answer two questions?”, to which the actress replied: “Sorry, journalist, I’m on vacation. Happy to congratulate”.

This description should not be more than a story of the actress visiting her country because she showed herself to be approachable, for example, With fans who asked for photos. This is the case of a young womanPaladar San Cristobal Restaurant He achieved his goal, which he shared on his social networks. “When you are working quietly, Ana de Armas comes as a surprise. How exciting. It was nice to be able to meet her and do a little painting for her.”

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Ana de Armas He has only been in Cuba for a few days. before returning to America to continue her successful acting career.

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