From New York, Curvy Zelma teaches style for plus size women in pink looks

Curvy Zelma I am traveling New York In the United States, from there he was surprised by his striking appearance when he was seen walking the streets of the city. Pink appearance with which She gave style chairs for plus size womenAnd he showed that he was a real fashionista.

Zelma CeremThe real name of the co-driver and singer, remembered for her stint as host on the show “Viva La Tarte”, established herself as a fashion icon for women. Curvy or plus sizeBesides being an example of self-love and faith.

Curvy Zelma shines and falls in love in a bright dress

The businessman, who turned 31 last August, beamed with thousands of fans Instagram and Facebook As she shines from the city, with the right outfit to highlight her beauty New York with Pink gross appearanceShe is definitely crowned the queen of style.

Curvy hit the net in a tight mini dress. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

Pinky Vibes InstagramReceiving dozens of complimentary comments and thousands of “likes”.

In pictures, Zelma Cerem She wore a modern and youthful outfit, in which she paired a tailored suit with a high-waisted pant and a long blazer, below the waist, a diamond-studded silver print shirt, and complemented the outfit, sunglasses and a bag. Range of colors.

Curvy, who was a participant in “Survivor”, is gaining more followers every day on the networks, in which she flaunts her best outfits and Teaches styleUndoubtedly he has established himself as one of the best fashionistas on the digital platforms InstagramHe has 733 thousand fans there.

Zelma Cherem shines with the best bright look. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

This is not the first time Zelma Dazzles with an impact look, because in other pictures that can be found on her networks, she can be seen wearing all kinds of clothes with great style, from the most dangerous miniskirts or short dresses to the gala dresses that reveal the beauty.

The patron and influencer has already established herself as a style icon Plus size womenMakes it clear that size and fashion are not in dispute, which is why she is adored and loved by her thousands of fans who constantly praise her and show her support when she faces criticism.

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