From Lima to Buenos Aires, the 50 best restaurants in Latin America

(CNN Spanish) — Latinos enjoy few things more than a good meal. If you’re looking for exceptionally good options, check out the “50 Best Restaurants in Latin America” ​​list From Condé Nast Traveler can help you.

The central restaurant in Lima has been crowned the best in the region this 2022. The proposal of chefs Virgilio Martínez and Pia Leon, who celebrate the unique landscapes, history and traditions of Peru in their dishes, is an old acquaintance in the catalogs and not only in Latinas. This year, in fact, it was ranked second on the list of the 50 best restaurants around the world, just behind Famous Restaurants. Geranium in CopenhagenDenmark.

Peru’s capital has eight of the 50 best restaurants, four of which are in the top 10. The only city to achieve that was Buenos Aires, which received eight mentions, including the second, which went to the first-crowned restaurant Don Julio. Don Julio, as most would imagine, stands out for its meat.

A chef prepares pieces of meat for cooking at the Don Julio restaurant in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, on May 20, 2021. (Credit: Ronaldo Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

In a country with a well-known Asian community, Lima-based Maido, which topped the list between 2017 and 2019 and specializes in Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, came third on the list. A Casa do Porco in São Paulo (which, as its name suggests, specializes in pork but also has a vegetarian menu) and El Chato in Bogotá are fourth and fifth respectively.

In terms of cities, São Paulo ranks fourth with seven records and Mexico City follows with five. In Mexico, proposals from Valle de Guadalupe, Cancun, Ensenada, Guadalajara and Tulum also stand out.

Other countries including Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador and Uruguay were also represented in the prestigious rankings.

The Ecuadorian publication is particularly noteworthy. “It plays an important role in the 2022 list, reflecting the growing food scene in the country,” he says. Pneuma, the first restaurant in the country to appear on the list in 2020, is ranked 24th this year.

Here is the complete list.

The best restaurants in Latin America

  1. Central, Lima
  2. Don Julio, Buenos Aires
  3. Maido, Lima
  4. A Casa do Porco, Sao Paulo
  5. El Chato, Bogota
  6. Maito, Panama City
  7. Pujol, Mexico City
  8. Kjol, Lima
  9. Maida, Lima
  10. Boracay, Santiago
  11. Merritt, Lima
  12. Oteque, Rio de Janeiro
  13. Leo, Bogota
  14. Thus, Sao Paulo
  15. Michigan, Buenos Aires
  16. Wildlife, Guadalupe Valley
  17. Le Chic, Cancun
  18. Villa Doral, Ensenada
  19. Celile, Cartagena
  20. Lasay, Rio de Janeiro
  21. Peanut, Sao Paulo
  22. Palermo’s favorite, Buenos Aires
  23. Sat 777, Mexico City
  24. Pneuma, Quito
  25. Parador La Huella, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
  26. Chila, Buenos Aires
  27. Metzi, Sao Paulo
  28. Maximo Bistrot, Mexico City
  29. Ark, Libra
  30. Astrid and Gaston, Lima
  31. Majestic, Guatemala City
  32. Rafael, Lima
  33. Sun, Sao Paulo
  34. Pangea, Monterey
  35. Charco, Sao Paulo
  36. Arampur, Buenos Aires
  37. Rosetta, Mexico City
  38. Oso, Lima
  39. Nelita, Sao Paulo
  40. Helena, Buenos Aires
  41. Mayor, Guadalajara
  42. Dozen, Guadalajara
  43. In Quinton, Mexico City
  44. A thousand, Morey
  45. Gustu, La Paz (Bolivia)
  46. Manu, Curitiba
  47. Dayaca, Guatemala City
  48. Great Dabang, Buenos Aires
  49. Mesa Franca, Bogota
  50. Julia, Buenos Aires

Restaurants on the list are selected by a voting panel of more than 300 members from the region, including journalists, food critics and chefs. Each must send the group a list of the 10 best gastronomic experiences they’ve had in the previous year, and at least three of them must be from countries they don’t live in.

Lime, a universal favorite

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Lima’s culinary delights are well-known, and this week Lonely Planet recognized them, ranking the Peruvian capital as the best place to eat in 2023. Montevideo is also featured in its list, which does not have a top-ranked entry. Restaurants.

Colombia wasn’t chosen in that Lonely Planet category, but it was chosen as one of the best places to travel through its spectacular national parks. So, if you are looking for a mix of experiences, it can also be a good choice.

You can read the popular magazine’s proposals here For next year.

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