Fresh meat, sausages… Cuban travelers can import more food

Ministry of Agriculture (Minogue) has renewed its entry authorization policy on the island from Cuba foods Vacuum-packed fresh meat, pasteurized mature cheeses, sausages, canned seafood, liquid, evaporated and condensed milk, etc., cAs a part of Imports who does Passengers Who is coming to the country?

Accordingly A resolution State agency and National Center for Animal Welfare September 5, The new arrangement makes it more flexible to import food for human consumption. Until now they were banned For passengers.

In addition The list of approved foods includes vacuum-sealed and frozen, dehydrated or salted fresh meat from sheep, cattle, pigs and goats. Semi-processed and semi-cooked meat products from eligible countries, except canned meat preserves, are included under the same conditions.

These products should be of recognized commercial brands and should be in properly identified containers. They must have been produced in countries that Cuba deems eligible because of their animal health conditions and contracts with their official veterinary services.

Those countries are the United States, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

On a provisional basis, import of sausages has also been approved Expanded in the aforementioned countries and under the same conditions of packaging and identification.

are added to these Mature pasteurized cheeses from any geographic region.

If the food package is broken or damaged upon arrival in Cuba, the product will be seized and burned, the document warns.

On the other hand, the ban on importing all types of non-vacuum-packed meat and products of animal origin from wildlife is maintained. In any presentation, as well as dairy products and their unpasteurized derivatives.

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MINAG makes it clear that Country of origin of the product that appears on the product labeland cautions that this policy may be modified and continually updated in response to animal health conditions in food-producing countries.

Cubans face a crisis that particularly affects food, so the new regulations seek to achieve that, previously the government allowed “mules” and immigrants to solve the problem by importing large quantities of industrial goods.

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