FP Plaza de la Bandera | AlMomento.net hosts the “Two Million in One Voice” event

Franklin Labor with other FP leaders at a press conference this Tuesday.

Santo Domingo.- The Fuerza del Pueblo party has announced that it will hold a rally in the Plaza de la Bandera this Saturday the 23rd from 3pm with the slogan “Two million with one voice”.

In a press conference this Tuesday, Franklin Labor, the FP’s secretary of operational affairs, said the party would celebrate crossing two million members.

He pointed out that the move would also mark the start of commemorations of the 60th anniversary of Professor Juan Bosch’s 1963 coup against the constitutional government.

He also announced that the updated register will be deposited with the Central Election Commission on Monday, September 25.

“We invite all the people to this unprecedented act in the political history of our republican life, which reaffirms our commitment to the struggle for the Constitution, democracy, social justice and progress after 60 years,” he said.

Accompanied by Radhames Jimenez, Vice President of the Labor Party; Secretary General of the FP, Antonio Peña Florian and Communications Secretary Omar Liriano.


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