Fourth defeat to Dip Nexa Bravo

City of Juarez- Nexa raised Braves early on for a foul, which was used by Luis Garcia to shoot Hugo Gonzalez and give FC Juarez his fourth defeat yesterday in the era of coach Ricardo Duga Ferretti.

Juarez still do not know what they will win after six dates in the current Liga MX tournament and are placed in the final place of the general table with two points above Tijuana’s Solos.

In the 84th minute, Royos del Nexa scored a free kick on the left wing. Bravos’ defense was not yet perfect as the domestic team moved the ball, which went into the boots of Luis Arcadio Garcia, who took him to the big area and with his right toe he beat goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez.

In the last minutes, they sought the eleventh building goal from Juarez, but with more interest than the order, and the clear opportunity they had in a spoiled collection in the suburbs of the area. Maxi Oliveira fired straight into the goal and deflected the ball from the top to the corner kick, forcing goalkeeper Luis Malacan to take full advantage of himself.

The game generally had some goal actions in both goals.

In the first half, with two shots successfully saved by goalkeeper Gonzalez, the Nexus created a little more danger. Bravos was a little more disciplined than in previous games, but with little idea of ​​creating risk for attack.

The highlight was Duga’s courage every time his players missed a pass or missed the mark. In the final minutes of the first half Carlos Rosell fell to the left wing and reached the outskirts of the large area, encouraging himself to shoot, but the ball sent well into Malagan’s door.

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The boundary team used the ball a lot from their defensive zone, but each time they split the ball they lost it.

In the 78th minute, Juarez reached the opponent’s territory in a more or less organized manner, the ball reaching the feet of Paul Aguilar, who made his debut with Bravo, but the former American player shot the goal too wide.

Next Sunday, FC Juarez will visit Santos de Torre in a match on Match Day 7, followed by a week’s holiday on FIFA date, and they will return to ‘Benito Juarez’ to face current Mexican football champion Cruz Asula on Friday, September 10th.


Nexus: Luis Malacone, Fabricio Formiliano, Jesus Escobosa, Julio Gonzalez, Fernando Mesa (Luis Garcia), Brian Garcia, Alejandro Gentez, Fernando Gonzalez (Morro Mogro).

Braves: Hugo Gonzalez, Maximiliano Oliveira, Paul Aguilar, Vector Velasquez, Alberto Acosta, Martin Calvan (Plas Armova), Flavio Santos, Carlos Rossell (Francisco Contreros), Modos.

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