Four iPhone Features That Use Artificial Intelligence

Voice assistant, Siri, camera and some imaging applications also use machine learning technology.

Unlike other companies, it used resources to develop its own artificial intelligence Google (Bart), Unlock the AI (ChatGPT), and others, Manjana It uses this technology in a different way.

The rest tend to open a chat window from which content can be created on demand, Manjana Apply AI Enhance the capabilities of your virtual assistant, Siri-like functions, like the phone’s camera, among others. FaceIDEven more.

Although Shri It’s not an artificial intelligence virtual assistant.”ChatGPT It speaks”, supports its functions in a system Machine learning It allows the user to access the necessary information in case of questions or requests for control of installed applications. mobile phone.

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In this way, the wizard Manjana He knows how to access the right commands without resorting to the computer within programs like Photos, Camera, Calendar. the cloudThis can lead to potential failure Security some times.

Apple’s Siri. (Photo: Apple Today)

Since its inception iPhone XCamera True depth And the user’s facial recognition system was used to analyze people’s biometric data. For this, the system Project points Infrared Invisible, so they correspond to special physical characteristics that allow them to identify the user and enable access to certain functions.

Through its machine learning system, Biometric data Stored only in mobile phone (Not in the cloud or servers Manjana) to be safe and protected against potential breaches that could be compromised Information of the user.

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In case of photos application iphone And it is also available for devices macOS And iPadOSIt uses Artificial intelligence To identify faces appearing in images, they can be presented from different angles. Additionally, artificial intelligence also enables content optimization, be it photos or videos.

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On the other hand, users can use the functionality Machine learning Special collections called “Memories” allow you to associate certain photos with people, places, events, etc.

The iPhone uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to take better pictures with its camera. (pxhere)

Mobile camera app Manjana It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning while capturing images to get better results.

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For this, users a iPhone 11 From now on they can use the “Deep Fusion” function, which allows them to capture multiple images of up to nine photos, which are then evaluated to show the best characteristics in terms of color and resolution.

Over time, systems Artificial intelligence And Machine learning The devices will improve the results of the assessment.

portrait mode iphone He also uses these textures to identify people’s bodies and faces, while he devotes himself to blurring the elements in the background. Photography. In this way, the image quality will be superior compared to other devices that depend on the elements

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