Fortnite: Where to place Rubber Ducks In Retail Row pleasant park, And believer beach

For some Fortnite players, the most awesome aspect of any season is the difficulties, and for those players, the Fortnite Season 7 difficulties kick things off with a bang, including a test that requests you place elastic ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Believer Beach. Including non-rehashing Legendary Quests, the week-by-week challenges are significantly more changed than they have been for quite a while. Here’s the way to finish this last Legendary Quest for Week 1 and procure yourself another 30,000 XP.

Before we find every one of the three of these elastic ducks, it merits realizing that their areas can change from one round to another, yet scarcely. In the event that you drop where this guide says to go, you’ll in any case discover the ducks extremely close by if not correctly where we’ve discovered them. Having said that, we should take a quack at it.

In Retail Row, you’ll need to drop close to the ball court on the southeast corner of the named area. Now and again on the court, at times close to the close-by house, your first duck will be directed around here.

In Pleasant Park, you’ll need to search for the corner store along the eastern street in the town. Once in a while it’ll be discovered right against the platform you see above, and on different occasions, it will be by the seats on the soccer field, yet those spots are practically next to each other, so drop on the east of Pleasant Park and you’ll see it. Gather this duck to be 66% of the path through the test.

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One of the Season 7 guide changes is additionally home to your last elastic duck. For this one, you’ll need to look around the pool close to the eastern parking garage. We tracked down our privilege on the lip of the pool, however, it can move just somewhat. As usual, search for its brilliant shine to spot it if it’s changed its area just marginally.

When you got every one of your affairs in order, you’ll be finished with the Legendary Quests for the Week 1 difficulty, yet that is presumably not the finish of your excursion. You’ll in any case need to look at the Season 7 Battle Pass, find every Alien Artifact, and set out to find out about vaulted and unvalued weapons. In case you’re simply an adrenaline junkie, you can likewise realize where to discover Fortnite UFOs.

The outsiders have formally shown up in Fortnite Season 7, and they’ve carried a huge number of guide changes with them. Fortnite’s scene is dependably changed with each new season, and Season 7: Invasion is the same. Here we’ll separate every one of the new Places of Interest, sights to see, and- – is that an outsider mothership? It sure is.

Maybe the best time map change with Season 7 is Believer Beach. Once in the past, Sweaty Sands, this footpath, and beachside home base presently exist as an all-day, every day inviting council to the eventual outsider overlords if Dr. Slone’s obstruction bombs their central goal of sending the outsiders back where they came from. All around the area are outsider themed Launch Pads, a human-made “crop circle” in the sand, and simply broad gathering energies from the support of an outsider unforeseen, similar to Battle Pass character Sunny, who wears a shirt that says “I don’t have confidence in people.” It appears to be not every person sees the trespassers be a danger.

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