Formula 1: Jos Verstappen vs Christian Horner at Red Bull Internal

Red Bull's incredible pace is far from quiet periods within the Austrian team. Complaint fell on Christian Horner, Group Manager, An employee caused a high-level internal earthquake and the vibrations did not stop. The energy drink company hired an outside lawyer to conduct the eight-week investigation, whose ruling dismissed the complaint, and was announced less than 24 hours before the start of the season in Bahrain. However, the brief statement released by the company did not clear up the doubts floating around the hood and the issue grew on Sakhir, with three-time champion Max's father, Jos Verstappen, also coming out with strong statements.

“There's tension here until he's in position,” Jose said. Without anesthesia, in reports for the English Daily Mail. But it didn't stop there, the Dutchman with a past as an F1 driver added: “There is a danger that the team will disintegrate. It cannot continue like this. It will explode. “He plays the victim when he's the troublemaker.”

The British newspaper reports Jose's statements should open the 2024 World Cup agenda ahead of Saturday's race, which Max won. Because on the Bahrain night, after the podium ceremony, Horner and Verstappen met in the senior Red Bull hospitality, seeing passers-by through the door and ending with a crowd hug.

Horner avoided going into details of the investigation, which only came to the fore after an anonymous email reached 100 accounts, containing a document of photos and WhatsApp messages allegedly sent by the priest to the employee.. No one can give F1 team principals, division chiefs, the FIA's top officials and permanently accredited journalists the kind of authenticity they deserve. Horner only said it was false.

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In statements to Sky Network about whether he expects to remain in his role at Saudi Arabia GP, the Red Bull director said: “Yes, absolutely. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

When asked about his boss, Max was full of praise: “Looking at how Christian works within the team, he's been an incredible team leader.”. So absolutely, from a performance point of view, you can't question it. I will take care of that too. I talk to Christ a lot. And, of course, the whole weekend here, he's totally committed to the team,” he said.

Horner was in Bahrain with his wife. Former Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell joined her on stage for the ceremony. They were accompanied by Red Bull's largest shareholder, mother Celio Yovidya, whose fortune is estimated at $33.4 billion, according to Forbes. This can translate into showing support for the employer of the company.

Meanwhile, the issue has not come to the attention of the FIA. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, chairman of the company that governs world motorsport, met with Horner and FOM's CEO (Commercial Ruler of the Division) Stefano Domenicali. The Emirati did not hide his concern over the situation and told the Financial Times: “This situation is damaging the game on a human level.” There was no comment from F1.

Red Bull ended the issue with a ruling from the attorney it hired, however, promising to keep adding chapters to the story.

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