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International legal experts who have consulted with the newspaper agree that Belgium’s granting political asylum to former President Rafael Correa could affect Ecuador’s national court (CNJ) deportation request.

CNJ President Ivan Saquicela said on the morning of April 22 that he had signed a request for deportation to Korea. He was sentenced to eight years in prison for taking bribes in a 2012-2016 bribery case. It is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote the respective diplomatic activities.

But minutes later, the militants of the Citizens’ Revolutionary Movement issued a press release saying that they had granted asylum to the former president of Belgium, thereby acknowledging his position as “politically persecuted”.

In the document, Korean lawyer Christopher Markand was quoted as saying, “I emphasize the importance of this move, which acknowledges the former president’s level of political persecution. By law Was made against him and other representatives of the Corismo.

Educator and former diplomat Carlos Esterlos pointed out Political asylum is granted to politically abused individuals, while extradition is used for common crimes. Therefore, in practice, the handover process may be affected.

“Once a country grants asylum and recognizes that someone is being politically persecuted, it is very difficult for them to accept deportation. Despite the cases like Galo Laura (former legislator) in Panama, I would say very difficult. The Panama government granted him asylum, but Raphael pressured Korea to lift him and deport him, “he explained.

Esterrelos questioned the Foreign Ministry and the Ecuadorian embassy in Belgium, which did not publicly comment on the issue. The foreign ministry said it was preparing a response and would release it in the next few hours.

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Former ambassador Mauricio Kandara also expressed his opinion Since Belgium and European countries generally value political asylum, it is very difficult for Ecuador to respond favorably to its extradition request.

Moreover, he pointed out that it was of no use. To return to the country, he said, “Give him the same as his partner George Klaus ஆட்கொணர்வு மனு, Because it is the same crime and the same punishment; They should look at us outside and laugh.

Fausto Jarin, a UNES legislator, was Korea’s lawyer. He was pleased with Belgium’s decision because it confirms his thesis: there is political persecution against the former president and other senior leaders of the Citizens’ Revolution. And it will be conducive to their legal proceedings in the country.

A few months ago, Jarin had said that an extraordinary appeal could be filed in due course to reconsider the sentence against the former president in the bribery case. Alexis Mera was convicted of the same offense as he had done recently. But he said the matter has not been analyzed for now.

Jarin said the former president will continue to stay in Belgium to travel to deliver his lectures or provide advice. He was recently scheduled to advise Honduras’ new President Siomaro Castro on economic issues. He will continue to be interviewed by the media.

In this regard, Gallo Laura commented that international traditions that regulate political asylum prohibit the beneficiary from leaving the host country and from making public statements about the country of his or her departure. The Panamanian government said in a letter that it had been removed. (I)

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