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This Thursday, March 11, the Colombian actor Gonzalo Escobar Shared two photos on his Instagram account He once again had an emotional reunion with many of his comrades from the well-remembered TV series ‘Okey Togi’, Spreading between 1092 and 1997 ‘Canal RCN ‘.

In the first snapshot, Escobar, played by ‘Coco’, shared with the news “Reunion Afternoon” Cecilia ‘Cecilia’ Navia, ‘Meccas’ and Jorge Arturo Perez, Who gave life to ‘Thyme’.

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(See if you read us from the app Here Escobar’s Release).

For its part, it is seen with the actors in the second photo shared on the same day Tony Navia, Director of the popular series.

Escobar and Perez reappeared in the film, however, this time reunited Veronica Orosco, Who gave life to the character of ‘Vanilla’ and Carolina Guerrero, Starring ‘Canola’.

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(See if you read us from the app Here Escobar’s Release).

After the airing of ‘Oakie Togi’ in 1997, ‘Coco’ decided to leave the country in search of new opportunities in Miami in the United States and completely removed itself from the show business. However, he returned to Colombia in 2018, and since then, the cast has reunited on several occasions.

The story of ‘Okey Toki’ took place inside an old house where a group of young people met to share activities including music. The brothers and nephews of a man who won the lottery, Meccas (Cecilia Navia) and Coco (Gonzalo Escobar), bought the house.

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Not only was it one of the most memorable entertainment shows on Colombian television, it was also the focal point for Colombian actors and actresses, including Carolina. Pinson and Freddie Flores.

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