Former American Auguston Marceson is undergoing surgery

Carlos Davila Osorio

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Augustine Marchan He is undoubtedly one of the best record holders in football in Europe since he arrived Porto, FCThe goalkeeper has completed his work under three positions, even being recognized by the local press and has already received two degrees.

However, unfortunately ‘1’ has fallen into injury problems, so he has to undergo surgical intervention in the knee. So, it will be less Porto And this Argentina selection, You can not dispute with it Close FIFA In September, it will affect their participation in the World Cup.

Announced by the Portuguese Club Marseilles He will undergo an arthroscopy of his right knee to correct a problem during the intermittent menstruation that was successfully carried out yesterday; However, due to the unspecified recovery time, it will prevent it from being part of the call for the World Cup qualifiers hosted by Albicelest. Venezuela, Brazil And Bolivia Between September 2 and 9.

In the hope that the problem will not get worse, we must be vigilant to know what its evolution is. On the other hand, “Marce” is always classified as a decent footballer, so there is no doubt that he will try to deal with this soon, so he will get his best version back.

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