Formation of the Regional Council for Science and Innovation Management

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In order to create the Regional Science and Innovation Management Council, the first of its kind in Cuba, the authorities of the party, government, CITMA and universities met on Friday at the Expoholguín fairgrounds in the presence of Eduardo Martínez Díaz, Minister of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. environment.

Alejandro Torres Gómez de Cádiz, Regional Delegate of CITMA in Holguin, started the day by presenting the solid infrastructure of Holguín that contributes to science and innovation, analyzing the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities for regional scientific development and defining the tasks and initial objectives of the Council's theme plan.

ELA Scientific Innovation Council 1

Martinez Díaz then explained the new strategy that includes 16 key actions to improve Cuba's science, technology and innovation system with the aim of solving specific problems.

Joel Quibo Ruiz, member of the Central Committee and Secretary of the Central Coordinating Committee of Holguin, recognized the importance of the Council and stressed “the need for science, innovation and strategic thinking for the development of the territory in the midst of the complex economic situation the country is going through.”

ELA Scientific Innovation Council 4

Dialogue, education and feedback between academics and authorities regarding the use of scientific and innovative human potential for effective management were latent at the meeting, which was also attended by Manuel Francisco Aguilera, governor of the province.

The meeting ended with the signing of a new agreement by the Academy of Sciences, universities and the regional delegation of CITMA to unify these structures in a government management strategy based on science and innovation.

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