For the first time, Google Maps helps you see where you’re really going: what’s changed

With the unexpected change from Mountain View, the US company decided to combine the company’s two services into a more effective version of Google Maps.

So far, this time Using Google Maps For navigation, the application will show your position on a traditional map. It helps to steer you in space with arrows, but if you do not know the area you want to go, you can not say “you are fine” with Swiss accuracy.

To fix this, Google chose a new one Google Maps version Ability to split your application screen in two. As you can see in the image below, in the middle of the screen you can get the traditional map from Google Maps and on the other hand you can see the content available in Google Street View for that region.

As expected, the functionality is not available by default, but you can implement it easily. If you drag the security needle from the right side of the map, it automatically activates the screen split in half, and the photo content in the street view completes your map. This option works vertically or horizontally with the phone. With a button titled Expand, you can stretch classic map or street view images to full screen.

The new feature seems to be integrated into the app with Google Map version 10.59.1, although it is not yet available to everyone. However, some more tests may need to be done before it can work globally.

In practice, it is not a revolutionary activity and it is not clear whether it will be used by many people. Still, if you want to easily understand where you are or where you are going, it will help you a lot. The idea of ​​screen sharing was first introduced in the web version of Google Maps.

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