Floyd Mayweather announces fight date against John Gotti III

This time it's official, the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr Will face an MMA fighter John Gotti III.

The long-awaited fight between the two fighters already has a date. After much speculation, it will take place on August 24 in Mexico City. The long-awaited revenge between Floyd Mayweather Jr and John Gotti III when they met on June 11 last year to culminate the intractable tension.

On that occasion, the fight ended in a controversial, very messy manner. It started when referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight, leading to Gotti III continuing to face off Floyd Mayweather Jr And both sides enter the ring for a nasty hand-to-hand clash.

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However, once the situation calmed down, negotiations for a second fight began. An undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr I didn't know this rematch against Gotti III was going to happen, as I had initially posted about a possible fight against Victor Ortiz. The announced event will be at the same location and on the same date (August 24 in Mexico City).

Floyd Mayweather Jr. revealed the date

This isn't the first time Invincible has been involved Floyd Mayweather Jr (50-0, 27 KO) refers to his fight on social networks. In turn, promotional materials exhibition “money” And ready to face Gotti III, DAZN has taken over the live coverage of the event. In Mayweather's release you can read: “This is one you won't want to miss!”.

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We must remember that it was last February. Floyd Mayweather Jr There was an exhibition fight against reality TV star Aaron Chalmers The O2 Arena From London. But it did not meet the expectations of the fans. So there is a lot of uncertainty as to what this rematch against Gotti III might entail.

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The truth is Floyd Mayweather Jr He is a businessman and knows how to make money. The 47-year-old has been busy with exhibition fights against the likes of Logan Paul, Teji and Tenshin Natsukawa since defeating Conor McGregor in his last professional boxing match in August 2017. Whether the long-awaited rematch against Gotti III is worth the wait on August 24 will be known only then.

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