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After a nine-year relationship and a two-year break, the singer And divorced the famous ‘Gringo Carl’. The two signed the document on the latest version of the “Andrea” project hosted by Andrea Losa.

At the end of the show, the TV presenter asked the celebrities to shake hands as a sign of peace and harmony so that everyone could continue their lives; However, it did not happen as expected.

“Thank you for being here. Enjoy your family, Carl, you too, Flo, I see you as a very beautiful woman, a very powerful … I don’t know if they want to shake hands”. Andrea Losa pointed out.

“I, with Jr.”, Folk singer Flor de Houras responded and gave a kiss to his current partner Jr. Morgano.

Although South Africa and his son’s mother, Flor de Huares, and their current partner, Venezuela Jr., approached Morgano, they decided not to receive the greeting and went the other way.

It should be noted that this event occurred after a tense discussion between the singer and the foreigner. In the middle of the fight, Kringo Carl said he felt he was “wasting his life” with a Peruvian translator.

How can you waste your life! With my money you brought your father, your brother. You did things with my money. You brought the people of your country, the ex-convicts, to my house to feed him. You live with them now. “Flor de Houras responded.

“You wanted to be here in Peru, didn’t you? You found another woman to give birth to because I could not give birth. National translator added.

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Flor de Horaras and ‘Gringo Carl’ face off in ‘Andrea’

Flor de Horaras and 'Gringo Carl' face off in 'Andrea'.  (ATV)
Flor de Horaras and ‘Gringo Carl’ face off in ‘Andrea’. (ATV)

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